What to Know Before You Pop a Pimple?

What is Acne and Its Symptoms?

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases that can make you look ugly. Whenever we get pimple we typically start squeezing it. It’s tempting, but popping and squeezing a pimple is not necessary to get rid of acne. Even popping and squeezing can make the acne worse. Squeezing can push bacteria and pus deeper into the skin which may cause more redness and swelling to your skin. It can also leave permanent pits and scars on your skin. Popping and squeezing is not the right way to get rid of acne, patience is the key. Your pimple will disappear by its own and by leaving it alone.

Over-squeezing, aggressive pushing, punching and picking the pimple can cause serious damage that can last far longer. You might notice that when you squeeze a pimple the second pimple appear right next to it. The most serious form of acne is acne cysts that are larger and painful inflamed lesions. They develop when the infection forms around the membrane in the dermis. Every time your skin is damaged there is a possibility that the skin healing tissue will be lost. The greater damage done to your skin means the chance of tissue loss. That’s how you get depressed or acne starts developing because stress is also a reason for aggravation of to pop a pimple

How to Deal With Acne?

There are some safer ways to take care of those pimples instead of popping and squeezing them. Picking your acne can spread infection. Zits are extremely annoying that’s why we just want to get rid of acne. The first treatment option that you should try to heal acne is over the counter treatments. These products are dabbed on existing pimples to help dry them out and heal them quickly. These are suitable for mild pimples. If you have really a big pimple that won’t go away, you need to see a dermatologist for the treatment.

The safe option to treat any acne is not to squeeze it however, if you are doing this, squeeze it carefully and only when it a whitehead that is visible on the skin. Never squeeze a deep pimple and also do not use fingernails. An effective way to pop up the pimple is to use an ice cube. Simply press an ice cube on pimple for a minute to reduce inflammation and swallowing. The cold ice should not ouch your skin directly, so be sure wrap into cloth or soft tissue. You might notice after the application of ice the severity of pimple is decreased.

This is because the ice diminishes the size of the pores by constricting the blood vessels. It is very important to wash your hands because your hands get more germs throughout the day. Apply benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne. It will kill bacteria inside the pimple. Always cleanse your face with water-soluble cleanser and use mild warm water. Do not use heavy makeup or oily makeup products as this can worsen the acne. So, next time when you see pimple on your face, do not squeeze it but try some natural remedies and treat it properly to avoid some intense serious consequences.


Is There A Pimple Cure?- Acne Cure

Effects of Acne or Pimples On Skin

Pimples affect the skin of majority of teenagers and a significant number of adults. Pimples can affect your skin in the forms of zits, spots and acne. They can affect you physically as well as mentally too. Presence of pimples on your skin especially on face may cause anxiety and embarrassment. People with regular breakout of pimples are more likely to experience depression. S Mild pimples for pimple typetress, anxiety, greasy hair and makeup can worsen a pimple.

Your skin has small pores which become blocked by dirt, dust, dead skin particles and excess sebum production that subsequently cause pimple. Hormonal changes can also lead to the formation of acne. Mild pimples are not hazardous for health but yes they can affect your mental health. If they are persistent and become long term problem, chances are higher that it can become a chronic disease. Treating pimple can help you to overcome its physical and emotional effects. A diet high in dairy products, calories foods and glycemic index foods increase the risk of developing pimples. Popping, squeezing and picking the pimples can create the skin infection and scarring. Now, the question, is there a pimple cure? Yes, there are numbers of treatment options available to get rid of pimples.

How to Reduce The Risk of Pimples?

You can reduce the risk of pimples by adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Some medicines, herbal products, yoga, exercise and homemade remedies can reduce the effect of pimples and can help you to get rid of them. To reduce the risk of pimples, it is recommended that people wash their face about twice a day, not more than that.  Wash gently, do not scrub the skin Wash gently, do not scrub the skin as it can harsh the skin and worsen the pimples. Before touching your face, make sure that you always wash your hands with soap. You also need to do exercise, yoga and meditation. It work effectively to remove dirt from your skin and can provide you a clear and clean skin.

Exercising makes you sweat which cleans out dead skin cells. Body cleansing is extremely necessary as it helps to remove dirt from the skin. Drink plenty of water because water detoxifies all harmful toxins from your body that can immensely help you to manage the acne complications. A healthy diet can also help you to reduce pimples. Foods containing lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins can help to heal the skin and make it shinier. Overexposure to the sunlight can also cause pimples on your skin. The harmful ultraviolet rays of sun can damage or cause sunburn to your skin.

Natural Remedies For Acne

However, natural products are best to use to treat pimples and for a glowing skin. You can try lemon juice, tea tree oil, orange peel, aloe Vera gel, garlic, use natural product for pimplesapple cider vinegar and green tea to get rid of pimples. This is the effective way of treating pimples and one of the good aspects of natural ingredients is that natural ingredients do not lead to any side effects. Natural products have many antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. These properties help to soothe the skin and prevent it from further damage.

Some over the counter treatments (OTC) contain active ingredients which work better such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, retin A and azelaic acid. Most of these ingredients may be found in medications in the form of gels, lotions, creams and soaps. I advise the people with sensitive skin to look at creams and lotions. Gel tends to be better for people with oily skin. If OTC medicines are not enough, you need to see a dermatologist (skin specialist doctor) for a stronger prescription medication.


How to Get Rid of Acne Fast?- Natural Remedies for Acne

awaking up fresh in the morning after long night sleep makes everybody refreshed and gives strength to think positive about the day ahead, but, if you stand in front of the mirror and see there is red, swollen pimple  causes of pimples problemon your face, your mood may get spoiled. Pimples are normal skin condition that affects most of the people. Pimples are inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands become infected with bacteria and produce excess oil to the skin.

For the treatment of pimple you should know about the causes of pimples. Pimples can be caused due to excess sebum production, dirt, dust, dead skin particles and hormonal changes. Here, we are going to tell you the most effective ways which help you to get rid of pimple fast.

Effective and Natural Home Remedies For Acne

You can use green tea for the treatment of pimples. Many studies proved that green tea is very effective ingredient to treat pimples when use externally. Green tea contains an antioxidant named epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. It helps to reduce the sebum production, bacterial growth and inflammation of the skin. Orange peel or its extract is also beneficial for the skin. Vitamin C presents in the orange makes it a flawless cure for pimples. You need to separate orange peel from oranges and extract its juice. You can apply orange juice to the pimples to prevent acne evolvement to your skin. Orange peel mask is also a good remedy for pimple prone face.


toothpaste for acneDo you know toothpaste does not only help to clean your teeth but even it cleans your skin? Yes, toothpaste helps to reduce the pimples from your skin. Wash the affected part and apply toothpaste on it for overnight. You will see the difference in next morning. It should be noticed that always use white toothpaste, do not use gel type toothpaste. You can get rid of pimples overnight with toothpaste.

Orange Juice

You can apply the orange juice to the pimples to prevent acne evolvement to your skin. Orange peel mask is also a good remedy for a pimple prone face. Do you know toothpaste does not only help to clean your teeth but even it cleans your skin? Yes, toothpaste helps to reduce the pimples from your skin. Wash the affected part and apply toothpaste on it for overnight. You will see the difference in next morning. It should be noticed that always use white toothpaste, do not use gel type toothpaste. You can get rid of pimples overnight with toothpaste. get rid of acne

Tea Tree Oil 

One of the powerful remedies to get rid of a pimple is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties which help in fighting with the microscopic organisms and kill the bacteria that cause pimples. It further unblocks the pores and removes the dead skin cells. Before using tea tree oil you need to dilute it. To dilute it you can add a drop of oil with 9 drops of water. Dip a cotton ball in the diluted tea tree oil and apply directly to your face. You can even try honey or aloe Vera with tea tree oil for effective result.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice for acneLemon has been used from ancient time for the skin issues. Lemon juice works well when applying on pimple directly because it has strong acidic agents that eliminate pimples causing factors from the skin. You can also try lemon paste for effective result. For making a paste you need to mix the cinnamon powder with lemon juice and then apply to the pimples.


Garlic is very common ingredient among us as it uses in many Indian dishes. Garlic has many antibacterial properties that provide the assistance to battle acne and pimples. Take some garlic cloves and extract the juice from them and apply it to affected area to treat pimples. You can also consume garlic to get rid of pimple breakouts later on. Ice is also good source to soothe the skin. Just wrap an ice in cloth and apply to the affected part for at least 15 minutes.

Aloe Vera

aloe veraAloe Vera helps in soothing and moisturising the skin. You can also see aloe Vera as it is good for skin healing. It is one of the best remedies for acne. Fruits like papaya, banana cucumber and apple are also contained vitamins and nutrients. You can eat them and also apply as a mask on your face to get rid of pimples.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy diet is also plays a vital role in soothing skin. Smoking, dusting, fried foods, junks foods and stress are the leading cause of pimples. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent your skin from pimples attack. Drink plenty of water as it detoxifies body. Herbal products are best to use because they do not have any adverse effect on your skin.


Home remedies for Acne- Natural Treatment for Acne

How Pimples Formed?

Pimple has been very widely known as a stubborn skin infection that doesn’t go easily. It is typically caused by the excessive production of oil by our sebaceous glands, accumulation of dead skin cells and by certain bacteria. Oil, dead skin cells and bacteria clog the pores of our skin that results in the formation of a pimple. Once you get pimples then it is very hard to get rid of it. This is because most of the time patients have to face hard time to deal with it. In order to better treat pimples you must have to give your best.formation of pimple

Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

There are numbers of treatment options available by which you can manage pimples, but I don’t think that any treatment is better than applying home remedies. Most of the people do use natural stuffs to cure the complications of acne because by applying natural treatment people do not get any adverse effects on their skin. You can use numbers of natural things that can treat pimples. Whenever it comes to manage the pimples firstly it is very necessary to manage the inflammation and redness caused by pimples.

Ice Packs for Pimples

apply ice pack on your face for our pimplesPeople do apply ice pack on the pimple’s affected area to easily reduce the pain, redness and inflammation caused by the herpes infection. You might not know but ice packs can be also used to improve the blood circulation to the area where a pimple has emerged. It also manages your pimples by removing dirt and other harmful organisms like bacteria.


Honey for Acne

Honey has great extent of wound healing properties which lessen the healing time of pimples. It is also blessed with antibacterial properties which are abundantly beneficial in treating the pimples which is caused by the bacteria. You can directly apply it on your pimple affected area so that you can get maximum benefits of this infection.

Garlic for Acne

Garlic is a very good source of antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidants and antiseptic properties which is not only helps you to eliminate pimples on the affected area but you can use it to improve your entire body’s blood circulation. home remedies for acneLemon has been used since ancient time for different well-being purposes especially for skin related and digestive disorder.

Lemon for Acne

Lemon has a great extent of the citrus effect. It has an abundant potential to eliminate the harmful living organisms from your skin. You can directly apply the lemon juice or by making the paste of it by mixing in its cinnamon powder.

Toothpaste for Acne

Have you ever perceived the necessity of applying toothpaste for pimple treatment? If not, you need to. Experts do believe that application of toothpaste on the pimple area has immense positive influence. It helps you by drying out the pimple’s affected skin and speeds up the healing time of this stubborn complication. It is quite imperative to use apple cider vinegar to lessen the healing time of pimples because it has sufficient amount of acidic properties that works as take steam for pimple problemsantibacterial properties that eliminates the harmful living organisms.

Steam for Acne

Steam should be considered as one of the very necessary natural methods to improve the severe condition of pimples. This improves in clogged pores by opening it and reduces the healing time of herpes infection. It can be a good natural analgesic for pimples.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Are you wondering of using apple cider vinegar for your pimples? Then go ahead. It could be great move in order to manage the condition of herpes infection. It works great on your face by disinfecting your skin and lessens the healing time of pimples.