Pimples can be an uninvited and uneventful circumstance in a human being’s life. The effect of pimples in human beings life is significant because of its psychological effects. Mostly the teenagers are the people who suffer intensively because of pimples and acne. Apart from being painful and looking ridiculous, the most important effect that a pimple has on person is the impact it has on his or her own well-being and psychological health. Pimples can be a devastating sight to look at for the person suffering from them because they want to fit into the society and want to be accepted in the society as being normal.

According to the society parameters comma looking beautiful and flawless is the best definition of higher human being and the better human being. As such having an outbreak of pimples on your face only makes you look ugly and unacceptable in the society. I am the impact of simple pimple can have on the human being is much more magnified then we can even imagine. Social withdrawal, loss of interest, lethargy, loss of interest in work and education, depression, suicidal tendency, everything is included in the side effects of having a pimple.

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