nutmegHave you ever think of using Nutmeg for Acne? You might not. There could be a variety of reasons for doing that. Well, to be precise, if we start conversing of the pros linked to Nutmeg, it might be quite difficult to quote all the benefits. Nutmeg is a store house of health benefits, especially for the skin. Several health professionals proclaim that Nutmeg can have comprehensive potential in treating various skin associated illnesses especially Acne and Pimples.  In this article, we will provide you all the major aspects of Nutmeg in treating acne but, before that, I would like to quote essential information that can help you to better perceive acne.

An obstinate skin disorder that is what acne can be stated. It is a skin infection that has a variety of complications related to it. It may lead to pain, swelling, redness, bumps filled with fluid (In severe form of acne) and social isolation. The infection is pervasive that affects people like an epidemic.  About 80 to 85 percent human beings suffer from this epidemic at some point in their lives, however, the severity of infection may vary person to person, depend on the acne type and the length of the infection.


The precise reason for acne is not yet in the light but, there could be some probable factors that might associate with acne. Experts often believe that acne occurs as a result of clogged hair follicles. There are certain factors that might associate with clogged pores. Since acne often affects teenage, experts believe that at that period of time there were a lot of hormonal changes take place which might eventually outcome in clogged pores. Family history with acne can be a reason for a clogged pores and acne formation. Some experts believe that certain environmental factors may provide the suitable environment for acne to occur.

Nutmeg for Acne

acne free faceWell, whatever the reason is what we need to keep in mind that acne should be treated with a relevant treatment otherwise, it may cause certain severe complications. The utilization of Nutmeg for Acne can consider as a right treatment option for such infection. As I have aforementioned that Nutmeg is a powerhouse of several nutrients that can cure skin and other illnesses. The best aspect of Nutmeg is it has potent antioxidants that have sufficient potential in obliterating skin infections like acne. Such compound safeguards the healthy cells that may get damaged by the oxidative process. A damaged cell may stimulate acne to occur in its severe form.

Nutmeg2Antioxidants blessed with the power of giving strength to the cells to cope up certain pathogens and harmful toxins. Antioxidants are known as the immune stimulant, perfectly capable of improving the strength of immune system. You might not believe but Nutmeg possesses the potent compounds that act as an analgesic. It means Nutmeg can obliterate the pain of acne. It is one of the best natural treatment options for acne. Nutmeg possesses the strong antibacterial and anti-fungal contents that are not only helpful in obliterating the existence of such pathogens but preclude the proliferation of acne causing microorganisms.


Nutmeg acts as an exfoliating cleanser that obliterates the dead skin cells and accumulated microorganisms from the affected area. If a person wants to detoxify the entire body, selecting the nutmeg can increasingly help in detoxifying the body. What you need to do is consume it in an appropriate manner by making juice of it. It will significantly expel the toxins, impurities, and microorganisms for a better health. This will also help you to not to be receptive to skin infection like acne.

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